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A Day of History with the St. Joseph County Historical Society

Last Friday was a beautiful day to be out and about, and a group of residents took advantage of this opportunity to travel to Three Rivers, Michigan and visit the St. Joseph County Historical Society. We first heard of this gem of a resource for Southwest Michigan through one of our residents, whose daughter is an active member of the society. Only 30 minutes away, The Historical Society houses a historic library, archives of the county’s historic one room school house, and other fascinating artifacts of the region. As luck would have it, a member of the society, who operates another historic site down the street happened into the historical society headquarters while we were visiting and invited our group to view the historic Sue Sillman House, which is currently being renovated into a museum as well. A short walk on a pleasant seventy-degree afternoon and we were greeted with a wealth of artifacts and information about the Sillman family and local history of Michigan’s connections to WWI. We hope to have some of the knowledgeable historians we met come to Kalamazoo for a visit to share their knowledge with the rest of our residents one day soon.

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