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Hitting Chicago with the Kalamazoo Art League

On April 28th, some residents from the Town Center boarded a bus with members of The Kalamazoo Art League and headed to Chicago for a visit to the Field Museum and the Chicago Cultural Center. We had a great time exploring the museum, especially the Malvina Hoffman sculptures, for which we were treated to background on the exhibit, originally opened in 1933, by Dr. Lisa Brock, Academic Director for the Arcus Center for Social Justice Leadership. We also had the pleasure of viewing China’s First Emporer and His Terracotta Warriors, an exhibit that will not be displayed anywhere else in North America this year. We then headed over to the Chicago Cultural Center to witness a collection of unique sculptures entitled Strandbeest: The Dream Machines of Theo Jansen. As luck would have it, we entered the exhibit on a day when the Dutch artists happened to be in town, and he treated us to an informational discussion and demonstration of one of the Strandbeests, which are plastic tube structures designed to walk the beach, powered by the wind. Quite astonishing! Afterwards we spent some time taking in the beautiful décor of the Cultural Center itself, including its fabulous Tiffany glass dome. Finally, we topped off our day with a delicious family-style meal at one of Chicago’s wonderful downtown Italian restaurants and headed home. It was quite a day!

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