The layout of The Fountains at Bronson Place is fairly nice. We went there for a visit. The architecture and the space seemed reasonable. They had inside parking available. The place still seemed fresh and the staff are friendly. We really like the place, but you have to buy-in to get into it. It’s also a continuing care facility and that’s what we liked about it.

Review by David72928750

We chose The Fountains because of the location and the look of the place. My parents moved there in June. They were helpful when we were trying to get in, but after that they became less helpful. The apartment we got was very nice and of high quality. The food is very good. They have parties for the holidays; they have dances and a nice library.

Review by Michael45

Everything is excellent at The Fountains at Bronson Place. The rooms were large. We talked to the lady that gave us a tour and she was knowledgeable enough. She really wanted us to stay there, but the facility is expensive and on the wrong side of town for us. We were able to eat there and the food was excellent.

Review by Harry23

I liked the area where The Fountains was located. They had excellent meals. I was happy with their room sizes. They had lots of activities and their staff were very nice.

Review by Robert49

The Fountains was very interesting, and the place was beautiful. The people were nice — staff and residents. I can’t think of anything negative to say about what we saw. The only thing is I don’t think we may qualify, and we have enough funds to be able to move into a place like that. The facility as well — as the grounds — was gorgeous. The building was beautiful, and it’s a classy place. They have classes and lectures, and they have a bus for trips.

Review by Elinor1 referred us to The Fountains. I think for somebody who is looking for a retirement place with a lot of other people in early retirement, this seems like a nice place to be. It was different compared to another facility I visited but it was definitely a nice place. They have a big community and for the most part, everybody eat at one place. They have this really large dining room that everybody went to. I think the physical property itself was a little bit older and a little bit worn, although the community was much bigger and seemed more lively. Their rooms were nice. I remember seeing one there that was re-done. It did a kitchen and a living area and it was nice. We had a meeting there with the sales person and we hung around and discussed things in a room there, but we actually had to get up and leave because there were people congregating outside because they’re going to start an activity in that same room. So there were definitely activities in this facility.

Review by Caring74723450

This facility had great service. The staff seemed very friendly and attentive to the needs of the people living there. The place was tidy and kept well, including the inside of the building and the outside. When I was there I did see the the staff serve the food, which was not of the greatest quality, but was sufficient. The one thing that stood out to me most was the way how one particular staff member took interest in the hobbies and stories of this particular gentleman. Through this you could obviously tell that the staff, at least this staff member in particular genuinely cared about this person. The way she recalled his family members names and stories was a refreshing surprise. The living conditions were decent there but the thing that impressed me the most was the caring staff. I would highly recommend this place to someone looking for a place to allow a loved one to live.

Review by Tony Perkis

I was very impressed with the staff in The Fountains at Bronson Place. The place was well maintained and was very clean. I found the rooms and apartments very adequate. Each had two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a kitchenette. They also had trips for the residents. They went to places, like theatres and a university auditorium. I haven’t tried eating there, but the dining room was very homey. In general, I liked everything about it.

Review by Shirley121105950

I love the way this was designed. It has a comforting feeling that goes along with it. It says “Welcome, make yourself comfortable.” And that is what I love to feel.

Review by Marsha Fifolt

Absolutely amazing residents! I was hired to work for them as a nurse; however the residents gave me so much more than $ could buy. Our elderly still have so much to give to this world. I’m just extremely blessed to have so many of them willingly, and lovingly pour into me. I am forever changed by my experience in serving them. Some are no longer here with us, but I’m so thankful that our paths crossed on this side on heaven. I will say they were definitely the highlight of my days!

Review by Latryce Thurmond Bennett

Wow. I am constantly blown away by how open and friendly the staff are, and the top care that residents receive. Very lucky to have my great I grandmother in there. God is good!

Review by Casey Halbert

Great facilities, professional and friendly staff. Lots of planned activities.

Review by Wayne Holland

Such a beautiful place! Lots to do. The library is inviting and the people are so friendly!

Review by Pat Holland

I can only speak for the memory care unit. The staff and caregivers are extraordinary people with big hearts and always willing to help.

Review by Karen Pelfresne

The fountains is a wonderful place to live, work or just tour. I love the place and miss it dearly. The residents are wonderful and staff are well seasoned to meet the residents and visitors need good work.

Review by Eric Okoth

My mother is a resident in The Gardens, the memory care unit at The Fountains at Bronson Place and I am very happy with her care. As her dementia progresses her needs increase and are met by compassionate caregivers. They truly care and treat her with respect and loving care. This unit is run very well and I feel that my mom is in good hands. I visit often and the staff keeps me informed of changes and address any concerns I may have as mom’s behaviors change due to so much memory loss. The director and nurses are great at communicating with me and I feel like we work well together as a team to provide my mom with the best care possible. I really do appreciate all that they do. It’s very difficult to move a parent into a facility due to dementia but I believe we made the best choice by moving her into The Gardens. Thanks to the director, the nurses, the kitchen staff, the cleaning crew, the activity director and the many wonderful aides who watch over my mom 24/7 with compassion.

Review by Carole Kamerman

We are beginning our second year at The Fountains, and we couldn’t be happier. The parklike setting is beautiful year round, and we sure appreciate the underground parking in winter. All staff are courteous, friendly and helpful, and they provide us with an abundance of stimulating activities: concerts, classes, outings, holiday events, special meals . . . the list goes on. If you are tired of cooking and cleaning, this is the place to be.

Review by Beverly & John Folz
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Our experience with The Fountains has been a positive one, overall. The staff have been very responsive and accommodating in regards to any requests or questions that I’ve had for them. The facility itself is well kept and clean, and they take good care of the people who live here.

Review by Kalamazoo, MI Family
beautifully landscaped campus
friendly neighbors enjoying a game of shuffleboard
excursions to local Flower markets
nutritious meals expertly prepared by a skilled chef
senior couple enjoying their pet friendly environment
flavorful, healthy fish dinner
Grandfather and grandson enjoying time together with model boat
lakeside view with beautifully landscaped grounds