Saugatuck Star Boat Cruise & Dinner Outing

Saugatuck is a popular summer destination here in Michigan! It’s located south of Holland and on the shores of Lake Michigan. It has neat little trinket shops and restaurants all within a walking radius. Don’t forget the beautiful view of the Kalamazoo River and Lake Michigan! The Inn residents, our assisted living neighborhood, traveled to Saugatuck this past Monday to ride on the Saugatuck Star Boat Cruise! The weather was perfect and the water on Lake Michigan was calm. One of our gentleman stated that he “never thought he would be able to go out on a boat again”. The ladies also enjoyed and reminisced about living on the lake. After our cruise, we went to Coral Gables and enjoyed a nice dinner with a gorgeous view of the Kalamazoo River. We are so glad we got to enjoy the beautiful nature of Saugatuck.

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